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In 2023, the app economy faced some challenges as indicated by’s “State of Mobile” report, revealing a 2% decline in consumer spending to $167 billion compared to the previous year. However, there was a positive trend in app downloads, which saw an 11% year-over-year increase in 2022, reaching a total of 255 billion downloads. Furthermore, consumers are devoting more time to mobile apps, with Android device users alone spending a remarkable 4.1 trillion hours in 2022, marking a 9% growth compared to previous periods.
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ChatGPT Apps launch to the iPhone
chatgpt app
Image Credits: OpenAI (App Store screenshot)
OpenAI recently revealed its foray into the mobile realm by introducing the official iOS app for ChatGPT. This move comes after the App Store became inundated with unofficial and questionable AI chatbot services. The newly launched ChatGPT app, which will be accessible at no cost and without any advertisements, enables users to conveniently engage with the popular AI chatbot while on the move. Notably, the app incorporates Whisper, allowing users to input their queries through voice commands. However, during its initial release, the ChatGPT app will only be available to users in the United States, with support for other markets anticipated to roll out in the upcoming weeks. OpenAI has also assured that an Android version of the app will be released in the near future.
Similar to its desktop version, the recently launched ChatGPT app offers users the opportunity to engage with an AI chatbot, enabling them to seek information, receive advice, gain inspiration, conduct research, and more, all without relying on traditional web searches. Considering the limitations and perceived stagnation of Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, the availability of the new ChatGPT app could entice users to utilize it as their primary mobile assistant. This shift in user preference may potentially impact Google, as the search engine currently benefits from its default status in Safari on Apple’s iPhones.
The increasing consumer interest in AI has resulted in substantial consumer spending on the top 10 mobile AI apps, with double-digit millions generated even before the completion of the first quarter this year. However, the unfortunate reality is that many apps falsely claiming to provide access to ChatGPT app have turned out to be scams, deceiving users into expensive subscription plans. Despite the harm caused to consumers, Apple does not always promptly remove such deceptive apps, leading to speculation that the company may have a financial incentive to keep scam apps available, allowing it to profit from subscription payments.
With the introduction of the official ChatGPT app, which is both official and free, consumers now have little reason to seek out paid alternatives. The availability of the official app fulfills most users’ requirements. However, for those seeking additional functionalities such as faster response times or access to GPT-4, OpenAI offers the option to directly subscribe to ChatGPT app Plus, where users can enjoy enhanced features by paying a subscription fee. This approach allows users to access premium services while eliminating the need for downloading and paying for unofficial or potentially unreliable alternatives.
The full impact of the ChatGPT app app launch on the broader AI chatbot market is yet to be determined. It is uncertain whether Apple will take steps to remove fraudulent ChatGPT apps discreetly from the App Store. Additionally, the availability of the ChatGPT app may alter consumer behavior by reducing reliance on voice assistants such as Siri and, in the future, Google Assistant. As users increasingly rely on ChatGPT app to address their everyday inquiries and provide them with fresh information, it could lead to a shift in how consumers seek answers and engage with AI-powered conversational tools.
Currently, the newly released ChatGPT app has attained the top spot on the App Store’s chart for free apps. It is prominently featured at the pinnacle of the Apps tab and is included in a curated list of “Must-have” apps for iPhone users. However, it has come to light that Apple’s internal staff has been prohibited from accessing ChatGPT app due to concerns regarding the potential leakage of confidential data. This precautionary measure reflects the significance placed on safeguarding sensitive information within the company.
Microsoft has extended the integration of AI features throughout its mobile applications, aiming to enhance functionality and provide an improved user experience.
While OpenAI made headlines this week, it’s worth noting that Microsoft also made significant strides by introducing a series of AI updates to its mobile app suite. With the competition intensifying against rivals like Google and others, Microsoft is actively leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance its mobile apps, demonstrating its commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in this space.
Microsoft recently unveiled a range of updates to its search engine, Bing, which align with the features previously outlined earlier in the month. These enhancements are applicable to both desktop and mobile platforms and encompass various additions such as videos, Knowledge Cards, graphs, improved formatting, and social sharing capabilities within Bing Chat. Additionally, users can now access their chat history across desktop and mobile devices, enabling them to review and revisit their recent activity. Microsoft has indicated that mobile users will be the first to benefit from this feature.
chatgpt app
Image Credits: Microsoft
In addition, users now have the option to add a Bing Chat widget to their iOS or Android Home Screen, offering quicker access to Bing Chat functionalities. Furthermore, Microsoft has planned future enhancements where users will be able to click on the Bing app icon to instantly navigate to the chat feature or simply tap a microphone icon to conveniently ask a question. These improvements aim to streamline user experience and provide seamless access to Bing Chat’s capabilities across different devices.
Moreover, Microsoft has introduced a highly anticipated feature that enables users to initiate a Bing Chat conversation on their desktop and seamlessly continue it on their smartphone. This convenient capability is expected to be available as early as next week, enhancing the flexibility and continuity of conversations across different devices. Additionally, Microsoft has expanded the support for voice input by broadening the range of countries and languages in which this feature can be utilized. These advancements signify Microsoft’s commitment to delivering a more versatile and inclusive user experience within Bing Chat.
Furthermore, Microsoft is introducing Bing Chat to the mobile version of its Edge browser app. This integration allows users to ask questions regarding the mobile website they are browsing, enabling Bing to provide summaries of articles or pages. Soon, users will have the ability to highlight a word or phrase while reading and initiate a conversation with Bing, allowing them to gain further insights and information on the specific topic of interest. This integration of Bing Chat within the mobile Edge browser app enhances the browsing experience by providing convenient access to relevant information and fostering interactive conversations with Bing.
Additionally, Microsoft introduced updates to other apps, such as the SwiftKey keyboard app. One notable addition is the text composition feature, where SwiftKey can generate text based on user-defined parameters such as subject matter, tone, format, and length. This capability, set to launch on iOS and Android platforms in the coming weeks, has the potential to streamline tasks like email composition. Moreover, Microsoft is incorporating an AI-powered translator directly into the SwiftKey keyboard, further enhancing its functionality. These updates demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to leveraging AI technology to provide innovative and efficient solutions within its suite of mobile apps.
chatgpt app
Image Credits: Microsoft
The rapid pace of app updates by Microsoft is noteworthy. Just 100 days ago, the company introduced Bing Chat, and since then, it has consistently released new features and enhancements. This commitment to continuous improvement was highlighted in Microsoft’s recent announcement. Meanwhile, Google made headlines at its I/O developer event by announcing the availability of its AI chatbot, Bard, without the need for a waitlist. These developments illustrate the ongoing competition and innovation in the AI chatbot space, with both Microsoft and Google striving to provide cutting-edge solutions and improved user experiences.
It will be intriguing to observe the pace at which Google responds by expanding Bard access across its range of mobile apps, similar to Microsoft’s approach with Bing. Additionally, integrating Bard into its own home screen widgets could be a future consideration for Google. Currently, Google is conducting tests of AI features through Search Labs, a space dedicated to housing various projects. These projects encompass AI-powered Google search features, AI integration within Google Workspaces, the smart note-taking initiative Tailwind, and the generative music creator MusicLM. This demonstrates Google’s commitment to exploring and implementing AI advancements across different areas of its ecosystem.
Its Time to know about Instagram’s Twitter clone
New information is surfacing regarding Instagram’s upcoming Twitter-like application, scheduled to launch in the coming summer. This decentralized social app will enable users to authenticate using their current credentials, granting them the ability to share brief updates comprising text, links, photos, and videos on the platform. Notably, account details, such as usernames, profile photos, and block lists, will reportedly transition to the new experience seamlessly. Moreover, the app will offer interoperability with decentralized applications like Mastodon, further expanding its functionality and connectivity within the decentralized social media ecosystem.
chatgpt app
During this week, Meta has reportedly been engaging with celebrities and prominent influencers, aiming to onboard them as early adopters of their new platform. The focus for recruitment has been on athletes, actors, producers, showrunners, and comedians. Furthermore, leaks have surfaced, showcasing screenshots or mock-ups of the upcoming app. The images portray a Twitter-like aesthetic, featuring text posts, likes, and comments. However, the design emphasizes a timeline view, with less emphasis on media compared to an Instagram feed. These developments offer a glimpse into the direction Meta is taking with its new app as it seeks to attract high-profile individuals and deliver a unique user experience.


  • Apple recently rolled out updated versions of its various operating systems, including iOS 16.5, iPadOS 16.5, macOS Ventura 13.4, watchOS 9.5, tvOS 16.5, and HomePod 16.5. These updates introduce several noteworthy features and improvements. The recent updates from Apple include the introduction of fresh Pride Wallpaper and watch faces. Additionally, these updates address and resolve issues related to unresponsiveness in various features such as Spotlight, Screen Time, and Podcasts in CarPlay. These bug fixes contribute to improving the overall performance and usability of the respective applications and functionalities. Apple continues to prioritize user experience by providing aesthetic enhancements and addressing software issues to ensure a smooth and enjoyable user interface. Additionally, a security fix was implemented to address a known exploit. Notably, one of the significant changes benefiting consumers is the introduction of a Sports Tab in Apple News. This new tab provides users with access to stories, scores, standings, and more, enhancing their sports news experience. Furthermore, the addition of the My Sports score feature and scheduled cards allows users to navigate directly to game pages for comprehensive details. These updates collectively enhance the functionality and user experience across Apple’s range of devices and services.
  • Apple has officially released its highly anticipated multiview feature for sports enthusiasts on Apple TV 4K. This feature enables users to watch up to four simultaneous streams simultaneously, providing an immersive viewing experience. While the feature was previously available in beta, it has now been officially launched. However, it is currently limited to select sports content, including Major League Soccer matches, Friday Night Baseball games, and specific live shows from MLS and MLB. This offering caters to the preferences of sports fans, allowing them to stay engaged with multiple live streams and enjoy a comprehensive sports viewing experience.
  • Georgia has joined the list of U.S. states that now offer support for driver’s licenses and state IDs in Apple Wallet, expanding the convenience and accessibility of digital identification options.
  • According to insights shared by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple’s highly anticipated mixed reality headset, set to be unveiled at WWDC, has undergone some changes from CEO Tim Cook’s original vision of discreet glasses. Instead, the headset now takes on the form of ski goggles, featuring a bulkier design and incorporating a separate battery pack. Gurman’s report sheds light on the evolution of Apple’s mixed reality device, suggesting a shift in its physical appearance and the inclusion of additional components to deliver an immersive and powerful user experience.
  • As part of its settlement with app developers in a class action lawsuit, Apple has released its inaugural transparency report. This report provides comprehensive insights into various aspects of app operations, including app removals, appeals, account terminations, and government requests for takedowns. Notably, the report reveals that approximately 1.68 million apps were rejected by Apple, with the majority of rejections attributed to performance issues, accounting for over 1 million cases. Additionally, the report outlines that 253,000+ apps were eventually approved, while 186,000 apps were removed from the App Store. The document also offers detailed breakdowns of the reasons for app removals, affected regions, and other relevant information. Apple’s transparency report serves as a step toward enhanced accountability and provides valuable insights into the company’s app ecosystem.
  • Apple has recently unveiled several new accessibility features designed to enhance user experiences, including Live Speech, Personal Voice, and Assistive Access. Among these features, Personal Voice has garnered significant attention. With Personal Voice, users are prompted to read selected text prompts into their device’s microphone for approximately 15 minutes. Leveraging the power of machine learning on the local device, the tool then generates a unique text-to-speech voice that closely resembles the user’s own voice. This innovative capability has captured the interest of many users, as it offers a personalized and immersive experience within the realm of accessibility. Additionally, Assistive Access combines the functionalities of the Phone and FaceTime apps, incorporating larger icons for improved accessibility. Apple’s commitment to advancing accessibility is evident through these new features, which aim to empower users with personalized and inclusive technology solutions.
chatgpt app
Image Credits: Apple
  • Following complaints from developers regarding non-compliance with regulations that mandate Google to enable third-party billing, Google has decided to proceed with its in-app billing policy in India. Developers expressed concerns about the new system, stating that they still have to pay a high service fee of 11% or more, even when utilizing their own billing systems. However, Google maintains that the reduction of fees from the original 15% to 11% is both fair and compliant with legal requirements. The decision by Google signifies its commitment to uphold its in-app billing policy while attempting to address the concerns raised by developers in India.
  • In an unintentional release, Google accidentally made an internal build of its Personal Safety app available on the Play Store. During this brief period, screenshots of an upcoming feature called “Dashcam” were captured by 9to5Google. This new functionality is designed to record video while driving, providing a means of protection for drivers in case of accidents or situations where video evidence could be beneficial. By incorporating a Dashcam feature into its Personal Safety app, Google aims to enhance the safety and security of users on the road.

App News

Media & Entertainment
chatgpt app
Image Credits: NYT
The New York Times (NYT) has recently unveiled its own audio app, leveraging its previous acquisition of audio journalism app Audm in 2020. This acquisition served as the foundation for the development of the new offering, called New York Times Audio. The app combines the NYT’s popular podcasts such as “The Daily,” “The Ezra Klein Show,” “Hard Fork,” “Modern Love,” and “The Run-Up,” with exclusive content produced specifically for the platform. Additionally, thanks to the NYT’s $25 million acquisition of the production studio responsible for “Serial,” the app includes related content such as the renowned show itself, as well as new shows like “The Trojan Horse Affair” and “The Coldest Case in Laramie,” along with “This American Life” hosted by Ira Glass. The app also features sports talk from The Athletic and long-form narrated journalism from sources outside the NYT, previously offered by Audm. As a result, Audm will be discontinued, and its subscribers will be transitioned to NYT Audio. While the NYT has found success with standalone mobile properties like NYT Cooking and Games, it remains uncertain whether the audio app will gain similar traction, as users typically prefer dedicated apps for streaming podcasts that provide access to all their favorite shows.
More in media…
  • According to Apple, there has been a modification in Google’s podcast search results that enables users to directly listen to podcasts in the Apple Podcasts app on their iPhone or iPad. This functionality is made possible through deep linking, allowing users to click a button and start listening seamlessly. The change comes after Google’s announcement in February that it would be phasing out the feature that allowed users to play podcasts directly within its search results. This update from Apple aims to enhance the user experience by streamlining access to podcasts through their preferred platform, the Apple Podcasts app.
  • YouTube has provided clarification regarding Google’s plan to delete inactive accounts, stating that it will not affect the digital archives of YouTube. Concerns had arisen among users that YouTube videos associated with older Google accounts, including those of deceased individuals, would be removed as a result of this initiative. However, YouTube has assured users that their videos will remain unaffected by the account deletion process.
  • Spotify’s AI DJ feature has expanded its availability and is now accessible in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Initially launched in the United States and Canada, the feature allows users to enjoy personalized DJ-curated playlists generated by artificial intelligence. The expansion of the feature to the U.K. and Ireland provides a wider audience with the opportunity to experience Spotify’s AI-powered DJ capabilities.
  • Likewise, the entertainment discovery app, has introduced a ChatGPT app plugin that assists users in discovering TV shows, movies, books, and podcasts that align with their interests. This plugin can be accessed via the ChatGPT app Plus plugin store. However, it is important to note that the plugin is not yet integrated as a feature within the Likewise mobile app.
  • Apple has introduced new concert discovery features to enhance the user experience on Apple Music and Maps. In the Apple Music app, music enthusiasts can now explore Set Lists, which enable them to browse and listen to the set lists of their favorite artists while on tour. Additionally, users can delve into detailed information about the artists’ performances and productions. On Apple Maps, more than 40 curated Guides, meticulously selected by Apple Music editors, have been added to showcase music venues in 10 cities worldwide. These updates aim to provide users with a comprehensive and engaging way to discover and explore live music experiences.
chatgpt app
Image Credits: Apple
  • Curio, an audio journalism app that transforms expert journalism into professionally narrated content, has unveiled an AI assistant capable of generating personalized audio episodes based on user prompts. The AI assistant, named “Rio,” utilizes OpenAI technologies and draws from Curio’s extensive collection of licensed high-quality journalism from esteemed publishers such as The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, New York Magazine, and more. Users can now inquire about a specific topic they wish to delve deeper into, and Rio will create a tailored audio episode comprising verified information exclusively sourced from these reputable publications.
Social Media
  • Twitter has extended the video upload limits for subscribers of its premium service, Twitter Blue, from one hour and 2GB to two hours and 8GB. This update coincided with Tucker Carlson’s announcement of his intention to publish his show directly on the platform. In response, some Twitter users started experimenting with the expanded feature by uploading full-length movies. However, these posts have been subsequently removed, accompanied by error messages citing copyright infringement.
  • Instagram has revealed two new features to enhance user engagement on its platform. Firstly, users can now include GIFs in comments, adding a fun and expressive element to interactions on posts and Reels. Additionally, Instagram has introduced the ability for collaborators to join broadcast channels, allowing for more dynamic and interactive content creation. During a chat on the platform’s broadcast channel, Instagram CEO Mark Zuckerberg welcomed Instagram head Adam Mosseri and hinted at future plans, including a lyrics feature for Reels. However, Mosseri remained tight-lipped about Instagram’s upcoming Twitter competitor app, currently in the early stages of development. When questioned about any announcements regarding the app, Mosseri simply responded with a concise “Nope.”
chatgpt app
Image Credits: Meta
  • According to a Pew study conducted five months after Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, it was found that a significant number of users had taken breaks from the platform in the past year. The study, conducted in March, revealed that 60% of adult Twitter users in the United States had taken breaks lasting “several weeks or more” within the previous year. It is important to note that this data encompasses a period that extends before Musk’s ownership of the platform, so it cannot be directly attributed to him. However, there is a cause for concern as 25% of users expressed uncertainty about their future use of Twitter, indicating potential challenges for the platform’s long-term engagement.
chatgpt app
Image Credits: Pew Research Center
  • Meta has initiated the process of refunding advertisers for an incident in April that resulted in excessive spending. However, there are reports from small advertisers stating that they haven’t received the same level of attention or assistance.
  • Following its launch in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, Meta has expanded its paid verification service to the United Kingdom.
  • Rumble, a right-wing video site, has acquired Callin, a podcasting and livestreaming service, from David Sacks, the former COO of PayPal. As part of the deal, Rumble has appointed David Sacks to join their board of directors. Prior to the acquisition, Callin had secured $12 million in Series A funding.
  • According to Axios, Twitter has made its first acquisition under the leadership of Elon Musk by acquiring Laskie, a recruiting startup. Before the acquisition, Laskie had successfully raised $6 million in funding.
  • TikTok has launched a new creator fund aimed at compensating creators who develop popular augmented reality (AR) effects. The fund, which amounts to $6 million, rewards creators based on user engagement. If an effect is used in 500,000 unique videos within 90 days of its release, the creator receives $700 USD. Furthermore, for every additional 100,000 videos featuring the effect published within the same 90-day period, creators are eligible to receive an extra $140.
  • In a collaborative effort, Spotify and Bumble have introduced a new feature that enables users of the dating app to showcase their favorite artists on their profiles. This feature allows individuals to display their personal Top 10 list of artists, facilitating the discovery of shared interests and potential conversation starters between matches.
  • Picsart, the maker of the digital creation app, has recently launched a new feature called Spaces within their app. These in-app social communities are designed to cater to specific topics and interests, providing users with dedicated spaces for social collaboration. Similar to group forums or chats, users can explore, share, like, and comment on posts within these Spaces, fostering a sense of community and interaction among users.

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