Step-by-Step Guide : Downloading Emails as PDFs in Gmail on Android Easy to Use

It’s easy to Downloading Emails as PDFs in Gmail on Android

Downloading emails as PDFs

As an Android user, you most likely rely on the Gmail app as your primary email service. This application provides several useful functions, such as the ability to convert emails to PDFs for printing or downloading. This feature allows you to save crucial messages for offline access, store email conversations for future reference, or share emails in a document format.

Downloading emails as PDFs on Gmail for Android is a breeze, so let’s take a look at how to do it.
Save an Email as a PDF in Gmail
To convert an email to a PDF format in Gmail, start by opening the Gmail app on your Android device and selecting the desired email. Next, tap the three-dot icon located in the upper-right corner of the app’s interface and choose the Print option. If the email message contains multiple messages, you will see an option to print all.
Downloading emails as PDFs Downloading emails as PDFs
To save the email as a PDF in Gmail, first, click on the drop-down menu located in the top-left corner of the app’s interface, then select the Save as PDF option. All pages that you want to save as a PDF will be displayed below this section. If there are any pages you wish to exclude, simply uncheck them using the checkmark option found in the bottom-right corner of each page.
Before you can print to PDF, the Gmail app allows you to customize your preferred Paper size and Orientation of the final document. After setting your preferred options, click on the PDF button with a red-circle background to save the email as a PDF.
Downloading emails as PDFs Downloading emails as PDFs
After customizing your preferred options, go to the directory on your Android device where you want to save the PDF file. If needed, rename the PDF file and then select the Save button. You can now exit the Gmail app and use any file manager app for Android to locate the saved PDF file.
By saving the email to your device’s storage, you no longer need to keep checking your Gmail account to access the same email repeatedly. This saves you the hassle of repeatedly searching for the email every time you need to reference it, especially if you receive a large number of emails.
Incorporating the ability to print and save emails as PDFs (Downloading emails as PDFs) into your workflow using the Gmail app for Android can not only bring convenience but also help you safeguard your crucial emails. If you accidentally delete an email, having the saved PDF in your device storage ensures you still have access to it, avoiding any potential issues.
Thankfully, with this detailed guide, you now have the tools and knowledge to easily save emails as PDFs directly from your Android device using the Gmail app.

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