iOS 17: Sideloading Feature Finally Available? iPhone Users Can Download Apps from Other Sources

This is a significant development for Apple users. According to Mark Gurman, a well-known Apple analyst, the next version of iOS, iOS 17, may allow users to sideload apps. This is a significant departure from Apple’s long-standing opposition to sideloading.

iOS 17: Sideloading Feature Finally Available? iPhone Users Can Download Apps from Other Sources

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, there is speculation that iOS 17 may introduce sideloading. Many are speculating that sideloading may become a possibility with the upcoming iOS 17 update.

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Speculations on Apple Allowing Sideloading in iOS17
The chances of sideloading becoming a reality are also boosted by the EU’s new Digital Market Act, which will be implemented in 2024. The act mandates that companies must allow users to install apps from sources other than the official app store, which may increase the likelihood of Apple introducing sideloading in the future.
If sideloading becomes available on iOS 17, it would mean that Apple users will have the ability to install apps from sources other than the official App Store. This would allow users to access a wider range of applications and potentially reduce Apple’s control over app distribution on its devices.
It is still yet to be seen how the phone maker handles this situation.
More information about the possibility of sideloading on iOS 17 may be revealed during Apple’s annual WWDC conference. This event is where the company typically unveils its latest software updates, and there are rumors that watchOS may be the highlight this year due to significant changes. We will have to wait and see what announcements Apple makes during the event.
Sneak Peek into Some iOS17 Features
While the possibility of sideloading on iOS 17 is currently a hot topic, it’s worth taking a quick look at some of the other changes that the update is expected to bring. Although it is described as a “tuneup” update aimed at fixing bugs and enhancing performance, iOS 17 is set to include several new features that users will appreciate.
Control Center
According to a source on the MacRumors forums, which has a track record of accurately predicting Apple’s plans, one of the major changes coming to iOS 17 will be a revamped built-in Control Center. This would be a significant update, as the last major overhaul to the Control Center occurred in iOS 11, which was released back in 2017.
Dynamic Island
The new improved Dynamic Island, as per Apple shall be able to “do a lot more.”
There are rumors that Apple’s marketing team has pushed the development team to add more features to Dynamic Island, as this feature will reportedly be supported on the more affordable iPhone 15 models when they launch. While these rumors have not been confirmed by Apple, they suggest that Dynamic Island may receive some significant updates in iOS 17.
Active Widgets
While Apple has not officially confirmed the addition of active widgets to the Home Screen in iOS 17, there are rumors suggesting that the company is currently testing this feature. If implemented, active widgets could introduce one-tap buttons, sliders, and other interactive elements, making widgets more dynamic and engaging for users. These rumors are purely speculative at this point, but it’s possible that we may learn more about active widgets at the upcoming WWDC conference.
Performance and Stability
The primary goal of any software update is to improve the performance, efficiency, and stability of the system. This remains the focus of iOS 17, and Apple is also expected to provide long-term support for older devices. While early betas of the update may be unstable on devices with 3GB of RAM, Apple is expected to work on improving stability significantly throughout the beta testing period. Ultimately, the aim is to ensure that iOS 17 is a stable and reliable update for all compatible devices.

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