Surprise, iPhone 14: Get the Best Price Online on Top Ecommerce Portals and Save Big!

The tech giant Apple has recently inaugurated its maiden retail stores in India, situated in Mumbai and Delhi…

apple iphone 14

under the names Apple BKC and Apple Saket, respectively. These stores are aimed at offering customers an upgraded shopping experience to explore, discover, and purchase Apple products.

Cheaper online

Notwithstanding these significant strides, Apple enthusiasts might have to hold off for an official markdown on Apple merchandise, at least for the present. However, those in the market for an iPhone 14 might discover more attractive offers presently through online platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart.

Difference between offline and online

As of now, the base model of iPhone 14 is obtainable at a reduced price of ₹71,999 on both Amazon and Flipkart.
Meanwhile, at Apple’s brick-and-mortar store, the phone is being sold at its original launch price of ₹79,990. As per Amazon‘s iPhone 14 listing page, customers can get a maximum exchange discount of ₹22,700.
On the other hand, Flipkart is currently providing an exchange offer of up to ₹29,250.

Trade-In program

Additionally, customers can also explore the Trade-In program offered by Apple’s physical stores, where they can exchange their old iPhone or Android device.
However, the ultimate exchange value will be determined by the brand, model, and condition of the customer’s previous smartphone.

Final purchase price

After taking into account the highest exchange discount possible, Amazon is selling the iPhone 14 for as low as ₹45,299 (₹71,999 – ₹26,700).
On the other hand, the maximum exchange discount offered by Flipkart brings down the final purchase price to ₹38,749 (₹71,999 – ₹33,250).

To note

It is important to note that the ultimate value will differ based on the particular old smartphone being traded in.
As of now, purchasing from Amazon or Flipkart offers more value for money than buying from the newly launched Apple retail stores.

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